Pyramid #3/68 is out!


Today’s Daily Illuminator announced the availability of issue #3/68 of Pyramid.

This month’s issue is a Low-Tech one, focusing mainly on magic, as the title suggests: Natural Magic.

Whetting my appetite are three articles in particular: Ars Metallica, written by William H. Stoddard and expanding on the alchemy described in GURPS Thaumatology: Chinese Elemental Powers (because I like how alchemy is often underrated and overlooked by players, and how it can surprise them); The Magic Desert, by Matt Riggsby (ready-made locations can be very handy); Designer’s Notes: Wilderness Adventures, by Sean Punch, in which I understand is a new take on the material found in Dungeon Fantasy 16: Wilderness Adventures (I really like this kind of Director’s cut versions of sourcebooks).

I will post a review as soon as I’ve read the thing!


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