Steve Jackson Games Stakeholders’ Report 2014


I know I am shamefully late in reviewing the latest Pyramids issues, the various supplements I bought for GURPS and also the many other things I want to talk about on this blog. But I’m not the only one being amazingly late: it’s only yesterday that Steve Jackson put the annual Stakeholders’ Report online! Sure, he has a better excuse than I do (I’ve only been swamped at work whereas his whole neighbourhood has been flooded!), but still: it’s many months overdue, now! 🙂

As usual, the report gives some very good insight into the actual figures in this market and where things might be going in the future. It’s really great to have a company share so much with everyone like this. Here are some highlights:

  • Munchkin now accounts for 75% of all sales and 130,000 copies of the core alone were printed in 2013
  • However, sales of Munchkin core are beginning to plateau a bit, which might mean it’s getting difficult to reach new players now
  • There were 20 new PDFs published for GURPS last year (I thought the figure was closer to 10, actually!)
  • The Kickstarter for Ogre really was a monster, with nearly $925,000 raised and 5,512 backers!
  • Out of the 40 topmost products released in 2013 (by dollar value), only 11 are not Munchkin products, and the one and only GURPS product, GURPS Basic Set: Characters, is number 39

Now, go read the whole thing and discuss it in the dedicated forums!


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