GURPS After The End 1: Wastelanders is out!


Jason “PK” Levine announced in a tweet that Steve Jackson Games have just published the first supplement in a new line called GURPS: After The End! As the name suggests, the line will explore post-apocalyptic themes and the first supplement, Wastelanders, is full of goodies: templates and lenses, rules for all sides of the cheerful life PCs will lead (mutations, starvation, dehydration, extreme fatigue) and equipment. Also, note that the latest issue of Pyramid, #3/88, titled ‘The End Is Nigh’, is entirely dedicated to the theme.

For more details on the series itself, you can read the “Ask Me Anything” thread over at SJGames Forums, where PK has answered dozens of questions asked by the whole community.

I’m very glad SJGames decided to start this new line, since post-apocalyptic settings are among my favourites! Also, if I were to make a cheeky comment, I would say I’m glad they finally got round to publishing GURPS Survivors that old-timers have been eagerly waiting for since the 80s… Come on, I’m kidding!


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