Plots: lists and generators


Today, I wanted to share with you a few resources I turn to whenever I find myself stuck with no idea for a scenario:

  • Plot Scenario Generator: from Carolyn Kaufman. Just refresh the page to get new, instant ideas. Her website on proper writing is also full of useful advice.
  • The Seventh Sanctum: this website has several generators, from plots to characters and places.
  • The Big List of RPG Plots: by S. John Ross. A large collection of plots, each one provided with enough details to get you started very quickly.
  • A randomised version of The Big List: BoardGameGeek has put together a procedure to randomise the Big List of RPG Plots. Be sure to have a look, be it only for its reliance on rolling 1d34!

I’m sure many others exist, these are just the four main ones I turn to in case of need.






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