It’s official: GURPS is #1!


Even though I don’t like this kind of things, there’s a website where you can rank your favourite tabletop RPGs (found via Monte Cook’s twitter). I usually think this is a rather pointless exercise (which is better? Hero, Toon, Vampire or Pendragon? well…), but this time I’m glad I clicked on this link: GURPS is clearly indicated as being #1! I even captured irrefutable proof of this fact.


Figure 1. Scientific fact GURPS is people’s #1.

Needless to say, I have absolutely no idea as to what it means, especially given that it’s listed in the fifth position, but still: #1.



Illustrator: Olivier Sanfilippo


I just discovered the website of Olivier Sanfilippo, an amazingly gifted artist. His work primarily deals with characters and landscapes and convey a subtle mix of mysticism and lurking danger, which makes them very inspiring to me. He’s also done some of the most beautiful maps  I’ve ever seen. He’s done plenty of work with RPG companies (illustrating for Shadows of Esteren and other french RPGs). It’s the kind of work so inspiring you can start imagining a whole world just by looking at a single picture.

GURPS After The End 1: Wastelanders is out!


Jason “PK” Levine announced in a tweet that Steve Jackson Games have just published the first supplement in a new line called GURPS: After The End! As the name suggests, the line will explore post-apocalyptic themes and the first supplement, Wastelanders, is full of goodies: templates and lenses, rules for all sides of the cheerful life PCs will lead (mutations, starvation, dehydration, extreme fatigue) and equipment. Also, note that the latest issue of Pyramid, #3/88, titled ‘The End Is Nigh’, is entirely dedicated to the theme.

For more details on the series itself, you can read the “Ask Me Anything” thread over at SJGames Forums, where PK has answered dozens of questions asked by the whole community.

I’m very glad SJGames decided to start this new line, since post-apocalyptic settings are among my favourites! Also, if I were to make a cheeky comment, I would say I’m glad they finally got round to publishing GURPS Survivors that old-timers have been eagerly waiting for since the 80s… Come on, I’m kidding!

GCS 4.3 has been released


It’s been quite some time since I last talked about GCS, the GURPS Character Sheet tool designed by Richard A. Wilkes. In the meantime, no less than six versions have been released!

In addition to a ton of bug fixes and stability improvements, GCS has been translated in three languages (German, Russian and Spanish), provides better page references in the data files and many of them have been updated with missing equipment or skills, while some new sources have been added, like Reign of Steel. Also, the tool doesn’t require a 64-bit machine anymore, as it’s been ported to 32-bit Windows and Linux.

As usual, grab your copy of GCS at

Resource page update


Just a quick note to let you know that I’ve just added two more links to the resource page, in the GURPS section: the Youtube video channel of Nolinquisitor and GURPS.Net wiki, curated by Celti.

Back, at last!


Well, this is embarrassing, as some browsers say…

Long story short: work caught up with me real bad and I found myself with no time for this blog and, even worse, nearly no time for playing GURPS either.

Well, things got better and I’m back, now! I’ve already a few posts and articles in the works, so stay tuned!