Plots: lists and generators


Today, I wanted to share with you a few resources I turn to whenever I find myself stuck with no idea for a scenario:

  • Plot Scenario Generator: from Carolyn Kaufman. Just refresh the page to get new, instant ideas. Her website on proper writing is also full of useful advice.
  • The Seventh Sanctum: this website has several generators, from plots to characters and places.
  • The Big List of RPG Plots: by S. John Ross. A large collection of plots, each one provided with enough details to get you started very quickly.
  • A randomised version of The Big List: BoardGameGeek has put together a procedure to randomise the Big List of RPG Plots. Be sure to have a look, be it only for its reliance on rolling 1d34!

I’m sure many others exist, these are just the four main ones I turn to in case of need.






GCS 4.3 has been released


It’s been quite some time since I last talked about GCS, the GURPS Character Sheet tool designed by Richard A. Wilkes. In the meantime, no less than six versions have been released!

In addition to a ton of bug fixes and stability improvements, GCS has been translated in three languages (German, Russian and Spanish), provides better page references in the data files and many of them have been updated with missing equipment or skills, while some new sources have been added, like Reign of Steel. Also, the tool doesn’t require a 64-bit machine anymore, as it’s been ported to 32-bit Windows and Linux.

As usual, grab your copy of GCS at

GCS 4.0 released


Just two weeks ago, Richard Wilkes released a new version for GCS, the GURPS Character Sheet utility.

This new version is focussed on improving the user experience: the user interface has been refined to make manipulating the various libraries much easier than before and the Java runtime is now shipped along with the application itself, avoiding to impose on the user the need to keep the Java installation up to date.

I will post a complete review of this utility as soon as time permits.

In the meantime, you can download GCS 4.0 from the official site at